Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Blend Beat Project Volume One

Self-proclaimed “Bedroom Beat Crafter” Upright from California rounded up a bunch of producers from all over the world to kick off a new compilation series titled “The Blend Beat Project”. The result is a collection of 20 Instrumentals that are diverse, yet somewhat consistent in sound and style. “The goal was to assemble a group of producers that would be enjoyable to listen to from beginning of the project to the end of the project.” (Upright)

The first installment of the Blend Beat series is available for free download on Bandcamp and includes tracks by Doc Mastermind, Prof.Logik, ShunGu, Nomad, Ja:Kova, Upright, Sixfingerz, Shuffle Jack, Robot Orchestra and many more.

Hobo Truffles took over the radio air-waves today

We are feeling blessed right now. In addition to an Interview, german-based Radio Funkhaus Europa played 5 tracks from our ‘Ode to Ghana’ compilation today. We are psyched, to say the least, about the support we’ve been getting so far. Special thanks go to Daniel Fernando Wahl for dropping by and conducting the interview with us.
Hobo Truffles Radio

Dave Sparkz & Woodoo Wolcan

Swiss beatmakers Dave Sparkz and Wodoo Wolcan just released their “High Rollers” album via Radio Juicy. The Vinyl version of “High Rollers” consist of 24 dusty beats that are guaranteed to make you vibe. The jazzy goodness is available as digital download, on tape and, last but not least, on vinyl!

Get the vinyl at HHV:

…or directly from Radio Juicy at:

Hobo Truffles Podcast #2 – New Worlds

‘New Worlds’ is our second Hobo Truffles Podcast and contains 50 minutes of synth-driven, spaced-out  instrumental goodness compiled and mixed by Robot Orchestra. Including tracks by Amin Payne, Ben Bada Boom, Mute Speaker, Sixfingerz, Shuffle Jack, Bluestaeb, Chief, S.F.T, Insightful, Iamnobodi, Melodiesinfonie, MecsTreem and more. FREE DOWNLOAD on soundcloud. (The Podcast tracklist can be found in the track description.)