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S. Fidelity – Second Chance feat. LaNó & Tajima Hal

“Second Chance” is S. Fidelity’s first single off his new EP “Five to Five”, which is available for Pre-order now via Feelin Music and Vinyl Digital.

From nine to five, from five to nine.
As soon as the dayjob is done, the formal shirt is replaced by a hoodie – buttons get pushed rhythmically. Nighttime brings out the Mr. Hyde in Dr. Jekyll and the S. Fidelity in this Swiss boy living in Berlin.

With his first EP “Five to Nine” S. Fidelity carefully compiled a small collection of gems kept secret – until now. Over the course of 8 tracks, he showcases a wide variety of styles, ranging from laid-back instrumentals to rap and futuristic neo-soul.

For the completion of his debut EP, the 22-year-old beatmaker joined forces with the Berlin singer LaNó and Tokyo’s Tajima Hal on one track and Rob Really from Moontroop featuring on a second one. The features add a complementary touch to S. Fidelity’s compositions and thereby contribute to the complete range of his sonic spectrum.

“Five to Nine” is available for Pre-order here 

LinkRust – Drive Me Back To Abidjan

French beat-maker LinkRust blesses us with a brand new project. “Drive Me Back To Abidjan”, made up of all west african samples from the 70s and 80s, features mostly rap tracks, spiced up with a few instrumentals in between. Production-wise, LinkRust provides thick and bouncy sound carpets for the vocal artists to unfold their full potential. For now you can check out the mixed version. The whole album as individual tracks will be available for download soon.

Cruel Therapy – Cruel Therapy

Located in Cologne/Germany, Cruel Therapy is a newly formed hip hop crew, consisting of two english-speaking emcees (namely Fortified Mind and Edgar Wallis) and producer-duo Dienst & Schulter. Their self-titled debut album “Cruel Therapy” takes the listener back to that mid 90s golden era vibe with it’s dusty drumbreaks, deep basslines and minimal use of samples. Lyrically, the two emcees show a variety of flows and topics, thus making the album a diversified listening experience. “Cruel Therapy” is available for free download via bandcamp, or for those preferring a haptic format on CD and cassette tape.

Pragmatic Theory – Light Works

Pragmatic Theory just released their latest instrumental compilation titled “Light Works”. Beat-makers featured on this album include Elaquent, GoYama, Melodiesinfonie, Ben Bada Boom, Amin Payne, Shuffle Jack, Robot Orchestra and many more. A soothing soulful and jazzy vibe is what runs like a golden thread through all 29 tracks, making this the perfect soundtrack to start off the summer.

Soulpete – Undisputed Champs feat. Guilty Simpson (Robot Orchestra Remix)

As you might have heard, Soulpete released his album “Soul Raw” via EtRecs recently. The Line-up of emcees featured on “Soul Raw” is nothing short of amazing. In addition to the regular tracks, the vinyl version of the album, which is set to be released on June 27th will feature 4 exclusive remixes. One of he remixes comes from our own Robot Orchestra. Here is his take on “Undisputed Champs” with vocals by the one and only Guilty Simpson.

Bläp Deli – Whisper.Me

The lovely folks over at Pragmatic Theory have been putting out quality albums and compilations in digital format consistently since 2012. Then about a week ago, Pragmatic Theory dropped their first haptic release in form of Bläp Deli’s album “Whisper.Me”, which is available on vinyl.
Bläp Deli, hailing from California/USA takes the listener on a journey though a wide variety of sounds. Due to Bläp Deli’s unique and diversified style (one might even say one-of-a-kind), it’s not an easy task to describe the overall sound of this album in just a few words. The tracks featured on “Whisper.Me” range from electronic and futuristic anthems to straight up dilla-eque glitch beats. Bläp Deli’s ability to combine samples and synthesizers with acoustic instruments and his attention to detail make for a great listening experience. Be sure to check this one out!

Beats To The Rhyme by Robot Orchestra (Radio Juicy Mix)

Robot Orchestra made a mix for Radio Juicy recently, where he combined some of his favorite beats with acapellas from some of his favorite mc’s. Some kind of rap-beat-mash-up if you will. This is what came out of it.

Sterio – Hazing

Cologne-based producer Sterio is about to release his debut ep “Transmissions” in conjunction with Jakarta Records. “Hazing”, the first track off the project sets the tone and gives a taste of what’s to come: futuristic synth-sounds and heavy hitting down-tempo drums, laced with vocal bits to top it all off. “Transmissions” is coming to you at the end of june. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.