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Pragmatic Theory – Synaesthesia

The folks over at Pragmatic Theory went ahead and compiled another fine instrumental compilation with their latest installment ‘Synaesthesia’. Featured Artists include Chief, Melodiesinfonie, S.F.T, Keor Meteor, Twit One, Bläp Deli, Wun Two, Ben Bada Boom, Shuffle Jack, Robot Orchestra and many more. The sampler is available for free via bandcamp.

Bläp Deli – Whisper.Me

The lovely folks over at Pragmatic Theory have been putting out quality albums and compilations in digital format consistently since 2012. Then about a week ago, Pragmatic Theory dropped their first haptic release in form of Bläp Deli’s album “Whisper.Me”, which is available on vinyl.
Bläp Deli, hailing from California/USA takes the listener on a journey though a wide variety of sounds. Due to Bläp Deli’s unique and diversified style (one might even say one-of-a-kind), it’s not an easy task to describe the overall sound of this album in just a few words. The tracks featured on “Whisper.Me” range from electronic and futuristic anthems to straight up dilla-eque glitch beats. Bläp Deli’s ability to combine samples and synthesizers with acoustic instruments and his attention to detail make for a great listening experience. Be sure to check this one out!