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Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom – Collision Remixed

Amin Payne and Ben Bada Boom’s ‘Collision Remixed’ is out today on Cascade Records!
The album features remixes by Moods, Suff Daddy, Evil Needle, Melodiesinfonie, Elaquent, Submerse and more. ‘Collision Remixed’ is available for free download and on cassette tape.

Ode To Delia out now

Our new compilation ‘Ode To Delia’ is finally out!
Many thanks to all producers participating in this project for their amazing contributions.

The compilation is available for free via our Bandcamp here:

Ode To Delia features tracks by:
Ben Bada Boom / Bluestaeb / Boost Phillis / Cometeers / Dienst & Schulter / GHprodu /
Invention / KommerzKlaus / Linkrust / Maloon TheBoom / MazeOne / Melodiesinfonie /
Nomad / Peet /Robot Orchestra / S.F.T / S. Fidelity / Saint Rock / Sev Seveer x Radius x
Keter Darker / Sixfingerz / Shuffle Jack

New Hobo Truffles compilation is coming soon

We are currently wrapping up the second installment of our “Ode To…” compilation series. With “Ode to Ghana” being a homage to a country’s musical heritage, the second part will pay tribute to a specific group of people, namely Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Therefore the second compilation will be titled “Ode To Delia”.

Created in the late 1950’s, the members Radiophonic workshop crafted beautifully futuristic sounds with the use of tape-recorders, by cutting up individual notes and manipulating the sounds in various ways. Thus, laying the foundation for rudimentary sampling techniques with very limited equipment. Without a doubt, the work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop had an enormous impact on modern electronic music in general.

Long story short: Our second compilation “Ode To Delia” is coming soon.


Spring Hill Compilation

The Spring Hill Music Group, founded by Azon Blaze out of Durham/North Carolina in 2010, just released their debut-sampler titled “Spring Hill Compilation”. Spring Hill consists of emcees (Azon Blaze, SkyBlew, Poc-Logic), singers (Lindsey Whittington) and producers (D.R.U.G.S, Robot Orchestra and W2), all of which showcase their skills impressively on 14 Tracks.