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Hobo Truffles Podcast #2 – New Worlds

‘New Worlds’ is our second Hobo Truffles Podcast and contains 50 minutes of synth-driven, spaced-out  instrumental goodness compiled and mixed by Robot Orchestra. Including tracks by Amin Payne, Ben Bada Boom, Mute Speaker, Sixfingerz, Shuffle Jack, Bluestaeb, Chief, S.F.T, Insightful, Iamnobodi, Melodiesinfonie, MecsTreem and more. FREE DOWNLOAD on soundcloud. (The Podcast tracklist can be found in the track description.)

IAMNOBODI feat. Stacy Epps – Lovelite (STERIO Remix)

Without a doubt, Sterio is one one Cologne’s most talented producers of today. Once again, he demonstrates his abilities in an impressive manner  with this re-work of IAMNOBODI’s track “Lovelite”, which features Atlanta-based singer Stacy Epps on the vocals. In contrast to IAMNOBODI‘s original version, Sterio’s take on the song is somewhat more electronic and propulsive on account of his extensive use of synth-sounds and pads. Due to his sense for chord progressions and melody’s, he manages to lay a perfect foundation for Stacy’s  Epps’ canto. Take a listen: