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Invention – Florist/Kwerk

Canadian producer Invention is showcasing his outstanding skills once again. His latest track “Florist” wins over the listener with beautiful chord progressions, lovely synth-sounds and a diversified arrangement. Press play, sit back and close your eyes and let Invention paint a picture with this down-tempo instrumental.

If the first track leaves you feeing for more, take a listen to this. Another Invention sure shot!

Hobo Truffles Podcast #2 – New Worlds

‘New Worlds’ is our second Hobo Truffles Podcast and contains 50 minutes of synth-driven, spaced-out  instrumental goodness compiled and mixed by Robot Orchestra. Including tracks by Amin Payne, Ben Bada Boom, Mute Speaker, Sixfingerz, Shuffle Jack, Bluestaeb, Chief, S.F.T, Insightful, Iamnobodi, Melodiesinfonie, MecsTreem and more. FREE DOWNLOAD on soundcloud. (The Podcast tracklist can be found in the track description.)

Ben Bada Boom X Invention

After releasing his debut album “Collision” in conjunction with Melbourne-based producer Amin Payne in late 2013 via Cascade Records, Hamburgs own Ben Bada Boom sets out on another collaborative effort reaching across continents. This time he allies with Canadian Beatmaker Invention to bring us the lovely grooves we music-junkies fiend for. Their latest strike, titled “Kintsukuroi” starts out on a jazzy note and slowly develops into a mellow but still eclectic synth-driven masterpiece. To top it all off, the strings, synth-leads and pads, combined with excellent percussion, are enriched by the soothing voice of London-based singer Ellie Goulding.

On “Vxtamxn”, their first collaborative effort, Invention and Ben Bada Boom take a similar approach. The Foundation of the track is laid by a smooth jazz-piano sample, paired with hard-hitting drums and percussions, a simple but effective bassline and the usual synth-fireworks you would except from beat-makers of this calibre. If this won’t get you out of your chair to move your feet and hips, I don’t know what will.