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Hobo Truffles Podcast #2 – New Worlds

‘New Worlds’ is our second Hobo Truffles Podcast and contains 50 minutes of synth-driven,¬†spaced-out ¬†instrumental goodness compiled and mixed by Robot Orchestra. Including tracks by Amin Payne, Ben Bada Boom, Mute Speaker, Sixfingerz, Shuffle Jack, Bluestaeb, Chief, S.F.T, Insightful, Iamnobodi, Melodiesinfonie, MecsTreem and more. FREE DOWNLOAD on soundcloud. (The Podcast tracklist can be found in the track description.)

W.O.L.M & Shuffle Jack – Virtual Pencils

When producer Shuffle Jack and DC-based rapper W.O.L.M get together they mean business! On “Virtual Pencils”, Shuffle Jack provides a thick carpet of sound, made up of white-noise percussion and hard hitting drums, paired with strange vocals and futuristic synth-sounds. His production, combined with the lyrical contusions of W.O.L.M member Shamir make for a great listen. But see for yourselfs… The future is now!